3rd ASEF Young Leaders Summit Leadership – Belgium:

Hey Guys! Another Fully Funded exciting opportunity for you to participate in Young Leaders Summit 2018 in Belgium. The Young Leaders Summit is a Leadership Program by ASEF. ASEF Stands for Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF). Do you want to be a part of this Full Leadership Summit? Do you want to travel and experience the culture of Belgium and visit different cities & Places in Europe? Then this is the best opportunity for you. All cost of the program will be covered by the organizers. This Year 200 Students will participate in this Program. This opportunity is for Students, Young Professionals. You will be part of diversity, experience the new culture, visit different cities and broaden your social horizons. This Program will bring 200 Students to expose the culture and enhance their leadership skills. ASEF Countries can participate in this Program. Around 51 Countries are associated with ASEF. This is a type of Student Leadership summit or youth leadership Summit.

The forum investigates 3 critical levels of leadership, namely:

You: Self-leadership
We: Team leadership
All: Societal leadership

Focus Topics in Young Leaders Summit:

  1. Culture
  2. Economy
  3. Education
  4. Environment
  5. Family
  6. Finance
  7. Media
  8. Politics
  9. Religion and Spirituality
  10. Science and Technology
  11. Sports

ASEFYLS3 adapts a 360° approach to leadership which recognizes the very act of leading to be present across all spectrums of society—from home to the classroom, in a business meeting to the streets. ASEFYLS3 is for young people who are willing to critically reflect, re-imagine and shape the notion of leadership — starting from themselves, within their communities and on an Asia-Europe scale.

Are you ready to reconstruct the meaning of leadership?

Join ASEFYLS3 in Brussels, Belgium this October to find out!


Brussels, Belgium

Join ASEFYLS3 in Brussels, Belgium this October to find out!


Brussels, Belgium

Program Dates:

15-19 October 2018

Program Cost:

  • The Program is Funded
  • No registration or participation fee.
  • The organizers will cover accommodation and meals for the duration of the conference, plus a travel subsidy from your country of residence to the starting point and back.

Eligible Countries:

Asia & Europe (Asian and European countries)

Program Structure:

The 3rd edition of ASEFYLS moves beyond the conference borders. The participants of ASEFYLS3 will join a 5-step programme:

  • Online:
    • #knowledge_stretching
      Initial insights on the topic and the 11 thematic angles through webinars and group/individual tasks.
    • This year ASEF is making the webinars open for the whole ASEFEdu community – join our thought-tickling conversations online! Streamed on our ASEFEdu Facebook page.
  • On-site at ASEFYLS3:
    • #action_oriented
      The core element of ASEFYLS3 is for the participants to develop ideas, project, and commitments in the form of spin-off activities linked to leadership and sustainable development in local communities and collaboratively with the ASEFYLS3 peers.
    • #network_based
      Networks triggers movements! ASEFYLS3 has enhanced its networking element among the participants, speakers, facilitators, and partners. ASEFYLS3 will expand your professional and private group of connections.
    • #leadership_exchange
      ASEFYLS is always at a close proximity to the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) political process. ASEFYLS3 is aligned with the 12th ASEM Summit (ASEM12), where the youth voice and commitments will be voiced out at ASEM12 and other relevant Ministerial Meetings.
    • #reciprocity_focused
    • ASEFYLS3 promotes the leadership of paying forward. ASEFYLS3 alumni will be supported in rolling out ideas and initiatives to spread their talent and work beyond the ASEFYLS framework.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Citizens of any of the 51 Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) partner countries.
  • ages of 18 – 30.
  • Action-oriented and creative doers ranging from students and academics to young professionals and entrepreneurs from all societal sectors
  • Individuals with a strong command of English (written and verbal)
  • Applicants who are ready and available to actively participate in an 8-week online preparatory phase, 4 days on-site phase and followed by a post-project phase composed of alumni led online and offline initiatives.
  • Any Field of a student with an educational background is eligible to apply.

Application Deadline:

May 20, 2018

Apply Now:

  • Submit the online application form by Sunday, 20 May 2018, GMT 23.59.
  • Look out for the confirmation email upon your successful submission; if you do not receive it, it might have landed in your junk/spam folder.
  • ASEF will announce the application outcome during the second half of June 2018. You will receive an email with your result. Don’t forget to also follow our ASEFEdu Facebook page and Twitter account for all the latest updates.

For further information Drop an email at [email protected] or call us at +65 6874 9716