NTS is a testing body in Pakistan. NTS came into existence in the year 2002. NTS is abbreviated as National Testing service. This service was launched to fulfill the testing needs of people. It was really liked and appreciated by people. And now NTS is considered among the top testing services of Pakistan. Every month different tests are conducted by NTS in Pakistan.

What do you need to know about NTS Test Result?

Let’s check out more details on NTS test and its results.

Which tests are conducted by NTS?

NTS held different types of tests. There are many such as university-based tests, job tests, and promotion tests and much more. This is a big testing body; therefore, it holds many tests all around Pakistan. Many universities of Pakistan rely on the tests of NTS and eligible students are entered in the university on the basis of that result. Moreover, students who have completed their education and want to get jobs also take tests held by NTS.

NTS Test Result

Many Government and private departments depend on NTS for test results. These tests are conducted to evaluate the real outcome and to test the ability of a candidate. In this test, the previous knowledge of candidate is analyzed and the result is given on that basis.

How is Result provided?

NTS offers the result to its candidates in the easiest manner. First of all, a candidate has to download a form from the website of NTS. After that, this form is filled duly and everything is write-in carefully. After fulfilling the form a bank challan is paid to the bank. That challan along with some documents which are mentioned should be attached with the application form.

That application form is then sent to the Headquarter of NTS in Islamabad through courier. NTS don’t receive forms by hand. After that NTS issue, a roll no slips online for the suitable candidates. This roll no slip is also sent to the candidates through online process. Test center and test date are also mentioned on that Roll No slip. After appearing in the test all the candidates have to wait for the test result. This test is announced within a week.  Candidates can check this test result online. NTS test result is also sent through TCS or by any other courier service to the candidates.

What is the objective of NTS?

NTS has the following objectives which are as below:

  1. NTS, conduct efficient tests for the required positions. Either the academic tests or tests for some posts this testing body does it very well. Tests are conducted efficiently and the result is evaluated within the given time.
  2. Producing the environment which can make research better and can make improvements. In that way, the country will be able to perform best searches and career grooming will happen.
  3. Moreover, NTS is also maintaining the international standards here in Pakistan. They are offering such results which are equivalent and meet the international requirements. These all are some of the important steps which will raise the standard of Pakistan.
  4. To add value to the abilities of candidates who are taking part in the examination. They are also performing to increase the capacities of people. In that way, people will look forward and people are improving themselves in every field of life.

These are some of the objectives of NTS. NTS is the best testing body in Pakistan and they are offering best services since 2002. Students, professionals, and people who have to get scholarships also give tests through NTS. The test result of NTS is really appreciated and it has much value here. That is why NTS is the best service as compared to other testing services.

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