NTS Aptitude Test (NAT-VII) of 23rd July Results will be announced. NTS Test which was held on 23rd July Today. National Testing Authority has taken the test of the candidate and they are responsible for checking and giving the result on time. NAT (VII) is very important for the candidate because they usually give the NAT-VII test for taking admission in the associated universities / DAIs. I will upload you regarding the NAT-VII Result.

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National Aptitude Test (Nat-VII) Result 2017:

You will get the selected candidates list of pass candidate. You just have to enter your CNIC and check your Test. It will show you how much more have you obtained in the NAT-VII Test.

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Schedule of National Aptitude Test (NAT™) 2017

Schedule 2017
Sr# Test Date Advertisement Dates Last Date of Submission of Registration Form Roll No. Slip Dispatch Date Result Announcement Date on NTS Website Result Card Dipatch Date
1 Sunday 29th January 2017 Sunday 1st January 2017 Wednesday 11th January 2017 Thursday 19th January 2017 Monday 6th February 2017 Friday 10th February 2017
2 Sunday 26th February 2017 Sunday 29th January 2017 Wednesday 8th February 2017 Thursday 16th February 2017 Monday 6th March 2017 Friday 10th March 2017
3 Sunday 26th March 2017 Sunday 26th February 2017 Wednesday 8th March 2017 Thursday 16th March 2017 Monday 3rd April 2017 Friday 7th April 2017
4 Sunday 23rd April 2017 Sunday 26th March 2017 Wednesday 5th April 2017 Thursday 13th April 2017 Tuesday 2nd May 2017 Friday 5th May 2017
5 Sunday 21st May 2017 Sunday 23rd April 2017 Wednesday 3rd May 2017 Thursday 11th May 2017 Monday 29th May 2017 Friday 2nd June 2017
6 Sunday 18th June 2017 Sunday 21st May 2017 Monday 5th June 2017 Thursday 8th June 2017 Friday 23rd June 2017 Wednesday 5th July 2017
7 Sunday 23rd July 2017 Sunday 18th June 2017 Monday 10th July 2017 Thursday 13th July 2017 Monday 31st July 2017 Friday 4th August 2017
8 Sunday 20th August 2017 Sunday 23rd July 2017 Wednesday 2nd August 2017 Thursday 10th August 2017 Monday 28th August 2017 Friday 1st September 2017
9 Sunday 17th September 2017 Sunday 20th August 2017 Wednesday 30th August 2017 Thursday 7th September 2017 Monday 25th September 2017 Friday 29th September 2017
10 Sunday 15th October 2017 Sunday 17th September 2017 Wednesday 27th September 2017 Thursday 5th October 2017 Monday 23rd October 2017 Friday 27th October 2017
11 Sunday 12th November 2017 Sunday 15th October 2017 Wednesday 25th October 2017 Thursday 2nd November 2017 Monday 20th November 2017 Friday 24th November 2017
12 Sunday 10th December 2017 Sunday 12th November 2017 Wednesday 22nd November 2017 Thursday 30th November 2017 Monday 18th December 2017 Friday 22nd December 2017

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